Limerick Desmond League

Association football league (amateur, youth) in Ireland

Football league
Limerick Desmond League
CountryRepublic of Ireland Ireland
ConfederationMunster Football Association[1]
DivisionsPremier Division
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Youth Division 1
Youth Division 2
Under 17 Division 1
Under 17 Division 2
Number of teams58 (2017–18) [2]
Level on pyramid7–12
Domestic cup(s)FAI Junior Cup
FAI Youth Cup
League cup(s)Desmond Cup
Richard Hogan Cup
Riedy Cup
Website[1][dead link]

The Limerick Desmond League is an association football league featuring amateur, junior, youth and under-17 teams from the part of County Limerick west of the N20.[3] Its top division, the Premier Division, is a seventh level division in the Republic of Ireland football league system. Desmond is a historical name associated with both Limerick and Munster. [note 1]


The league was founded in January 1955 following a meeting at the Desmond Castle, Newcastle West. It was agreed to call the league – the Desmond League and its founding members included – Killonan F.C., Newcastle West A.F.C., Tralee Dynamos and A.F.C. Askeaton. These four teams contested the first league championship which was won by Killonan. In it early years the league also included teams from County Kerry. In 1966 Joe Wickham initiated reforms that helped modernize the league and by 1969 it featured twenty teams. In 1971 Tralee Dynamos and Killarney Athletic left the Desmond League to become founder members of the Kerry District League.[4][5][6]

Recent[when?] seasons has seen the number of teams affiliated to the league and as a result, the number of divisions. The 2018/19 season saw the league reduced to three divisions (Premier Division, Division One, Division Two). The league also saw a number of club mergers. Killeany AFC merged with Bally Rovers to form Killeany/Bally Rovers FC. Also, Newcastle West Rovers and Newcastle West AFC merged to form Newcastle West Town. Adare United and Kilcornan merged at underage but at junior level AK United and Adare United remained separate entities.[citation needed]

In 2019/20, just three divisions of ten teams affiliated. Ferry Rangers, Ballysteen, Feenagh, Rockhill Rovers and Killeaney/Bally Rovers all withdrew from junior football. Mountcollins and a number of B teams took their place.[citation needed]

The league also entered the Oscar Traynor Trophy after a number of years absence.[citation needed]

2015–16 teams

Premier Division (as of 2016)[needs update]

Team Home town/suburb Ground
Abbeyfeale United Abbeyfeale
A.F.C. Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballingarry A.F.C. Ballingarry, County Limerick Astropark Ballingarry
Broadford United Broadford, County Limerick
Glin Rovers Glin, County Limerick
Killeany A.F.C. Killeaney, Glin, County Limerick
Kildimo United Kildimo
Newcastle West Newcastle West Ballygowan Park
Newcastle Rovers F.C. Newcastle West
Shannonside F.C. Foynes

List of winners by season

As of 2018, former winners included:[7][needs update]

Season Winner Runners-up
2017–18 Abbeyfeale Utd Rathkeale
2016–17 Rathkeale Broadford Utd
2015–16 Abbeyfeale Utd Broadford Utd
2014–15 Abbeyfeale Utd Newcastle West Rovers
2013–14 Broadford Utd Rathkeale
2012–13 Newcastle West AFC
2011–12 Broadford Utd
2010–11 Abbeyfeale Utd Shannonside F.C.
2009–10 Rathkeale Newcastle West
2008–09 Newcastle West Abbyefeale Utd
2007–08 Newcastle West Glin Rovers
2006–07 Abbeyfeale United Kildimo United
2005–06 Newcastle West Glin Rovers
2004–05 Rathkeale Newcastle West
2003–04 Ballingarry Rathkeale
2002–03 Broadford Rathkeale
2001–02 Newcastle West Broadford
2000–01 Newcastle West AFC
1999–00 Abbeyfeale Newcastle West
1998–99 Rathkeale Newcastle West
1997–98 Foynes Rathkeale
1996–97 Rathkeale Newcastle West
1995–96 Rathkeale Newcastle West
1994–95 Rathkeale St.Bens
1993–94 Askeaton Abbey United
1992–93 Newcastle West Askeaton
1991–92 Newcastle West Villa Rovers
1990–91 Newcastle West
1989–90 Newcastle West
1988–89 Rathkeale
1987–88 Askeaton
1986–87 Park Utd
1985–86 Glin Rovers
1984–85 Askeaton
1983–84 Askeaton
1982–83 Kilcolman Rovers
1981–82 Askeaton
1980–81 Kilcolman Rovers
1979–80 Kilcolman Rovers
1978–79 Kilcolman Rovers
1977–78 Kilcolman Rovers
1976–77 Shannon United
1975–76 Broadford
1974–75 Foynes
1973–74 Foynes


  1. ^ See also the Kingdom of Desmond and the Earl of Desmond


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