List of University of Missouri–Kansas City people

The following is a list of notable people associated with the University of Missouri–Kansas City, located in the American city of Kansas City, Missouri.

Notable alumni

Politics and government

Harry S. Truman
  • Brian Birdwell, Texas State Senator
  • Hilary A. Bush, Missouri lieutenant governor
  • Sharice Davids, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Kansas' 3rd District
  • David F. Duncan, drug policy consultant to President Bill Clinton
  • Zel Fischer, Missouri Supreme Court Judge
  • Jeffrey Friedman, mayor of Austin, Texas
  • Allan J. Katz, City Commissioner of Tallahassee and Ambassador to Portugal
  • Clarence M. Kelley, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1973–78
  • Sam Page, Missouri State Representative for six years, and 2008 candidate for Missouri's lieutenant governor
  • Bill Reardon, Kansas politician
  • Rick Scott, US Senator
  • Clarence Senior, Executive Secretary of the Socialist Party of America and academic
  • Katheryn Shields, Jackson County executive
  • Harry S. Truman, president of the United States (attended night classes at the Law School but never graduated from any college)[1]
  • William L. Webster, Missouri politician
  • Charles Evans Whittaker, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States


Bob Stein


Media and arts

Science, technology, and medicine

Notable faculty


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