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The Munster Football Association (MFA) is the governing body for association football in the Irish province of Munster. It is affiliated to the Football Association of Ireland and is responsible for organising the Munster Senior Cup and the Munster Senior League as well as numerous other leagues and cup competitions for junior teams. There are 13 leagues and approximately 800 teams affiliated with the MFA.[1]


The MFA was founded in October 1901 and affiliated to the Belfast–based Irish Football Association.[2] In the 1901–02 season the Munster Senior Cup was introduced. According to David Toms there were many civilian and British Army teams based throughout the province, most notably in Cork and Waterford, but also in Limerick and County Tipperary.[3] However the original MFA organising committee was dominated by the British Army, and it fell into abeyance following the outbreak of the First World War.[4] In March 1922 the MFA was re-established with the help of the Dublin–based Football Association of Ireland. One of the prime movers in reforming the association was a former Ireland international and then Fordsons player, Harry Buckle, who became its vice president and chairman.[5]

Representative games

Munster began playing representative games in as early as 1905. In that year they played an Ulster XI in Cork, losing 3-1.[6] A combined Leinster & Munster team finished as runners up in the 2011 UEFA Regions' Cup. They lost 2–1 to a team representing the Braga Football Association.

Cup competitions

  • Munster Senior Cup - since 1901–02
  • Munster Junior Cup - since (at least) 1922–23
  • Munster Youth Cup - since 1925–26 [7]
  • MFA League Champions Trophy - since 2011–12

Affiliated leagues

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