South Carolina Highway 41

State highway in South Carolina

South Carolina Highway 41 marker

South Carolina Highway 41

Route information
Maintained by SCDOT
Length121.5 mi[1] (195.5 km)
Major junctions
South end US 17 in Mount Pleasant
Major intersections

  • US 17 Alt. in Jamestown
  • US 521 near Andrews
  • US 378 / SC 51 in Kingsburg
  • US 501 in Ariel Crossroad
  • US 76 / SC 917 in Mullins
  • SC 9 in Lake View
North end NC 41 at North Carolina state line
CountryUnited States
StateSouth Carolina
CountiesCharleston, Berkeley, Georgetown, Williamsburg, Florence, Marion, Dillon
Highway system
SC 39 SC 45

South Carolina Highway 41 (SC 41) is a 121.5-mile (195.5 km) state highway, connecting the Charleston region with eastern portions of the Pee Dee region in South Carolina. It serves as an alternative route to U.S. Route 52.

Route description

The route travels generally in a south-north direction, beginning in Mount Pleasant and ending at the North Carolina state line just north of Lake View, where it continues as North Carolina Highway 41 towards Lumberton. The route is mostly rural, though it serves as an important arterial in suburban Mount Pleasant and passes through several small towns on its route northwards. It also provides several key river and swamp crossings in the Pee Dee region.


The current SC 41 was established in 1938 on a path from Lake View northeast to the North Carolina state line, where it replaced the original SC 94. The next year, a separate portion of the highway was established from the Marion–Dillon county line northward for about 5 miles (8.0 km). In 1940, the two segments were connected, and the highway was extended to what was then US 76 in Marion. Between 1944 and 1947, SC 41 was re-routed slightly within both Fork and Lake View. In 1949, its southern terminus was shifted to the northwest in Marion, to then end at what was then part of US 501 (now is US 501 Bus.). In September 1951, its path was re-routed in Fork to replace SC 57 to Centenary, SC 175 to Hemingway, and SC 511 to Mount Pleasant. Its former path from Centenary to Fork was redesignated as SC 41 Alt.[2] In 1970, the highway was shifted off of the bypass around Andrews and was routed through the town. Approximately 25 years later, it was put back on the Andrews bypass; its former path was redesignated as SC 41 Bus.

South Carolina Highway 41 (1920s)

South Carolina Highway 41 marker

South Carolina Highway 41

LocationGoose CreekSociety Hill, South Carolina

South Carolina Highway 41 (SC 41) was an original state highway that was established in 1922 from SC 2 (now U.S. Route 78 (US 78)) near Goose Creek, through Moncks Corner, Kingstree, Lake City, Florence, and Darlington, and ended at SC 50 south-southwest of Cheraw. Approximately three years later, its path from St. Stephen to Kingstree was shifted to the west. Between St. Stephen and Pineville, this replaced the original SC 45 corridor. The former path between Gourdin and Lane was redesignated as SC 412, part of SC 44, and abandoned roadway across the Santee River. In 1927, US 17 was designated along SC 41 from Goose Creek to Florence and US 601 from Florence to the Cheraw area. The next year, the state highway was decommissioned. Most of its path is approximately equal today as US 52.

South Carolina Highway 41 (1930s)

South Carolina Highway 41 marker

South Carolina Highway 41

LocationNew Zion, South Carolina

South Carolina Highway 41 (SC 41) was a state highway that was established in either 1934 or 1935 from U.S. Route 301 (US 301) west-northwest of the community of New Zion east-southeast to the community. In 1938, it was decommissioned and redesignated as SC 94. Its path is known today as Salem Road.


The Wando River Bridge, a through truss swing bridge built in 1939, was replaced by 2020-2021. The new bridge will be four-lane with median (which can be used as a fifth lane during emergencies), and will be a fixed span bridge, tall enough for tall ships to pass. At a planned cost of $42.3 million, construction began in mid-2015.[3][4][5]

Junction list

CharlestonMount Pleasant0.00.0 US 17 – Mount Pleasant, Charleston, McClellanville, Georgetown
Berkeley5.08.0Wando River
SC 402 west – Moncks Corner

US 17 Alt. south / SC 45 – Moncks Corner, St. Stephen
South end of US 17 Alt overlap

US 17 Alt. north (Saints Delight Road) – Georgetown, Myrtle Beach
North end of US 17 Alt overlap

SC 41 Bus. north (Morgan Avenue) – Andrews
US 521 south – Georgetown
South end of US 521 overlap

US 521 north / US 521 Bus. south (Main Street) – Kingstree, Manning, Andrews
North end of US 521 overlap

SC 41 Bus. south (Morgan Avenue) – Andrews
SC 527 west (Thurgood Marshall Highway) – Warsaw, Kingstree
SC 51 south (Browns Ferry Road) – Georgetown
South end of SC 51 overlap
SC 513 north (County Line Road) – Outland, Yauhannah
Rome Crossroads62.8101.1 SC 512 (Henry Road) – Kingstree
Hemingway70.3113.1 SC 261 (Broad Street) – Conway, Stuckey, Kingstree
SC 341 west (Broadway Street) – Lake City

US 378 west / SC 51 north (Myrtle Beach Highway) – Lake City, Florence, Sumter
West end of US 378 and north end of SC 51 overlap
US 378 east – Conway
East end of US 378 overlap
SC 908 south – Brittons Neck, Conway

SC 41 Alt. north – Marion
Ariel Crossroad96.3155.0 US 501 – Conway, Myrtle Beach, MarionInterchange
US 76 / SC 917 east (Mclntyre Street) – Nichols, Loris, Marion
East end of SC 917 overlap
SC 917 west – Latta
West end of SC 917 overlap

SC 41 Alt. south / SC 57 north – Dillon, Marion
To Little Pee Dee State Park
Lake View119.4192.2 SC 9 (Third Avenue) – Nichols, North Myrtle Beach, Dillon
NC 41 north – Fairmont
Continuation beyond North Carolina state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Concurrency terminus

Special routes

Andrews business loop

Business plate South Carolina.svg

South Carolina Highway 41 Business marker

South Carolina Highway 41 Business

LocationAndrews, South Carolina
Length4.660 mi[6] (7.500 km)

Established between 1993-1996, it replaced mainline SC 41 through downtown Andrews. This is second business loop through Andrew, following exactly the same route from 1960-63 until 1970.[7]

Williamsburg0.0000.000 SC 41 – Hemingway, CharlestonSouthern terminus

To US 521 – Georgetown
US 521 Bus. (Main Street) – Georgetown, Kingstree
Williamsburg4.6607.500 SC 41 (County Line Road) – Charleston, HemingwayNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Marion alternate route

Alt plate South Carolina.svg

South Carolina Highway 41 Alternate marker

South Carolina Highway 41 Alternate

LocationMarion, South Carolina
Length22.904 mi[9][10] (36.860 km)

South Carolina Highway 41 Alternate (SC 41 Alt.) is a 22.904-mile (36.860 km) alternate route that exists west of the SC 41 mainline path. It connects Centenary and Fork, via Marion, while the mainline travels through Mullins in this area.

Established in 1951 or 1952 as a new alternate route of SC 41 through Marion, though it did replace part of SC 175 south of Marion.[7]

MarionCentenary0.0000.000 SC 41 – Johnsonville, Charleston, MullinsSouthern terminus

US 501 Bus. south to US 501 – Conway, Myrtle Beach, Dillon
Southern end of US 501 Bus. concurrency

SC 576 west – Florence
Eastern terminus of SC 576
Marion US 76 (Liberty Street) – Mullins, Florence

US 501 Bus. north (Main Street) – Dillon
Northern end of US 501 Bus. conurrency
15.60425.112 US 501 – Conway, DillonInterchange
Zion I-73Proposed interchange[11][12]
DillonSmithboro21.11433.980 SC 917 – Mullins, Latta, Bennettsville
Fork22.90436.860 SC 41 / SC 57 – Mullins, Lake View, DillonNorthern terminus; to Little Pee Dee State Park
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Concurrency terminus
  •       Unopened

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